Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's It Gonna Take?

We've already seen some participation from DP and Michael (good job guys), but what's it going to take to get the rest of you knuckle-heads to either post an entry or at least comment on a post so we know you are paying attention?

Here are some sample topics if you need help coming up with something to write about:
  • Mark's bat phone
  • Ben made a girl convert to carpet muncher after dating him
  • Les and his magic shoe box
  • Aaron and the topless hair salon
  • Luke losing my keys in his d!ck
  • JT doing the truffle shuffle
  • Mike loves chicken
  • Devin and his coconut

Help Michael out and change the topic for a few days so he can focus on his Queer Eye makeover. And if I'm missing an author that you want included send me an email and I'll get an invite out.


Anonymous said...

I think that if James were to offer handjobs for postings that we would see a significant increase as well as an increase in the number of those requesting to become an author. Just a thought James!

Anonymous said...
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James said...

I think you're right! So here is the new deal. As soon as Michael's transformation is complete, he will begin administering handjobs to anyone who will post on the site. If you're lucky he'll wear one of his new shiny shirts.