Saturday, January 31, 2009

More randomness

Welcome Eric, glad to hear you're still alive!

While James was working this afternoon, Stefanie and I took advantage of the nice weather and had some margaritas out by Lake Travis.

I also picked up a cool, new t-shirt today.

Random Saturday BS

  1. Eric T. is now a member of Backtoms.  Did you say you had an update on Shoeshine Man for us?  Do share.
  2. You can watch the Ole Miss at MSU game for free on Yahoo! Sports today...sorry so late, but just found it myself.
  3. Earlier while listening to the pregame on XM Radio we (John and I) heard a commercial about keeping Mississippi clean and not littering.  That reminded me of the time we were out doing the Adopt A Highway program on HWY 25 for the Lammas and Luke came driving by to throw trash out of his truck for us to pick up.  Thanks, Luke.

Friday, January 30, 2009

zombies or gooky looking fat guys?

I think they found you James and John. Y'all better get out of town.

I think they mistook you two for zombies...

Article on Croom

Chris Low from ESPN put an article out about Croom today.  It's a shame that didn't work out better, but I am excited about our future.  Here are the articles if you want to check them out.

Congratuations John!

I wanted to point out that John will be accepting an honor recognition award for our local chapter of the MSU Alumni Association on Friday, Feb 6 at MSU.  He's hoping that they'll use Miss MSU as the person to hand him the award, but I'm not so sure that's the way it will go down.

If there are any buildings or memorials you'd like to see at MSU, let us know as John will have his checkbook with him while we're there.

And as a side note: John and I will be at MSU on Friday, Feb. 6 and Saturday, Feb. 7 if any of you happen to be in the neighborhood and want to grab a beer.  Clay and Shay I think this means you since I assume you guys will be up for the basketball game on Saturday. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let Me Post That For You: Bacon Explosion

I'm posting this one on behalf of Nunnrey and JT.

Nunnrey: I like the tight cross hatching of bacon used to create a blanket that gently swaddles its pork based innards.

James: I'm a little surprised Nunnrey is content not throwing some chicken in the mix.

Florida Girls

Here's a story for you...

and once you read the story, here's the pic...

Luke's eHarmony Application

Stumbled upon a post about a rejected eHarmony application over at Tasty Booze yesterday and it made me think of Luke.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grocery Bandit

I must put together a fine cart of groceries. While doing my shopping at H-E-B today, I realized I forgot to pick up some Rotel. So I parked my cart along the side of the aisle, walked back a couple rows to grab a can, and when I returned my cart was missing! Gone in 60 seconds. The can of Rotel and I spent the next few minutes walking around the store trying to track the thief down, but my goods were never to be seen again.

Had to get another cart and start over... I wonder if the store can review their security footage and get to the bottom of this. I've seen people get punched in the back of the neck for less.

Fat Thompsons Sports Bar

As long as I've been taking Highway 79 from MS to Austin there's been a small bar in Hutto, TX that I've wanted to visit. It's always seemed like a dive of sorts with plenty of motorcycles outside. I think the name and/or ownership has changed over time, but it's currently Fat Thompsons. Stefanie and I decided to stop by there this afternoon.

It doesn't look like they have Coors Light on tap (they do have bottles though). We tried the fried pickles and jalapeno poppers (they have the choice of cheddar of cream cheese filling). The pickles were aight. I also had the Bentley burger. Since we've been watching Man v. Food, Stefanie challenged me to eat it and the tots in 5 min. or less, but I didn't really see the point since we wouldn't have earned any recognition from Fat T's. I did check the clock while I was eating though, and don't think it would have been too difficult.

Anyway, I recommend stopping by if you're in the neighborhood.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Biggie: Resurrection

You guys remember Eric T. (a.k.a - Biggie Smalls)?  He is one of the founding fathers of the Phi Alpha Tau (PhAT) sect of the Lammas and one of the funnier guys I have ever met.  For years, some of us have wondered what ever happened to him.  And I can remember many a night pouring some out for our homie with Aaron H. not knowing if Eric was dead or alive.

Through the power of social networking, Eric has re-surfaced.  He's back in Houston now and sounds like he is doing much better after some hard years with his vices.  Now if we can just find Shoeshine Man we can all have a reunion.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Now I Know Where Luke Gets It

Note:  Most of the links in this posting would be considered NSFW (unless you are Ben or John)

Lukey Love is arguably the best rapper in the Phatboys. I can remember many a night jamming to his free styling back in the day.

The other day headed back to the office from Popeye's for lunch; I had the pleasure of entertaining some of my co-workers with The Last Mr. Bigg "Trial Time" (a.k.a. - JT and Lisa's wedding song; a.k.a. - take that sh!t to trial).  Side note: check out these dudes on YouTube.  My favorite part is when he imitates the mother telling him it's hot down here.

Back to the story.  This prompted a ton of questions about the slang, Mr. Bigg's life, and other things that I'm not sure about.  Out of curiosity (and since I didn't have John, the source of most of my hip-hop knowledge) I checked to see what I could find out about The Last Mr. Bigg on Wikipedia

Lukey Love is from LA (Lower Alabama).  Mr. Bigg is from LA.  Coincidence...I think not.  Now we know where Luke gets his mad rappin' skills...from his cousin, Mr. Bigg.

I also want to point out that Mr. Bigg sports a $100K diamond in place of his left eye.  If you continue reading the article it says that Mr. Bigg lays claim to one of the most ghetto songs of all time called "Long Hair".  I probably need to hear the song a few more times before I'm completely sold, but there are some choice lyrics you should check out.  I won't dirty up this blog by posting them here, but I know Lukey's new slogan should be:
So throw your hands in the m f'ing air
And show some love to an Alabama playa

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to start flying JetBlue?

Delta, JetBlue Face Lawsuit From Flight Attendant Over Provocative Dress Requirement

In the lawsuit filed with the Pittsburgh federal court on Friday, Karin Keegan, 37, of Upper St. Clair in Pennsylvania said she reported to the two airlines' management that Oliver Angus of JetBlue prevented her from boarding a JetBlue plane that will ferry her to her job assignment in October 2007 because her clothes was not provocatively enough.

"He wanted her to change to a lower-cut shirt and tighter pants, and wear more makeup before letting her on the plane," Keegan's attorney, Samuel Cordes, said Monday, according to the Associate Press.

Keegan said Angus allowed other flight attendants to board the plane and denied her entry again after she changed into a more provocative outfit because she was already late to board the aircraft.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too Far North

It's snowing today in NC... and I don't like it, stupid snow. I have decided that I live to far north so if anyone living where it doesn't snow is looking to hire a 30 something, overweight, semi-intelligent manager let me know. The bases here are closed to non-essential personel today, now usually I am considered essential so that I can make sure our sites are secure but today I figured that someone else would take care of it so I stayed home. Acutally, I just got back from the store. I bought season one of "The Fall Guy" and the entire box set to "McGuyver".

Looks like I have a long day in front of me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to use these?

Since it's Nunnrey Tribute Weekend, maybe it's time to go to Pluckers.

Happy Holiday Weekend

Note that many businesses and schools will be closed on Monday.  In some parts of the country they are celebrating MLK and in others for REL, but here on Backtoms we will celebrate Chicken Lover Day.  This weekend is the 9 year anniversary of the Chicken Lover story.  Check out my previous post if you need to be refreshed.  

We will certainly toast in Nunnrey's honor tonight...heck I might even eat some chicken.  And I would love to hear any special stories about how you will celebrate this weekend.

Tough Times for MS Casinos

As the strong arms of Mother Recession reach tightly across the nation, even casinos are feeling the pinch. Not that many of us spent a lot of time at the Golden Moon since most of our lamma days were through by the time it opened in 2002, but some of you have spent a few long nights at it's sister property, the Silver Star Casino. The tribe that owns these 2 properties have decided to close the Golden Moon casino 4 days a week. Read the article here. I think we should stop by on our way to Founders Day and see if we can't give back some patronage to a fellow MS business in need! Any takers?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ESPN Article on Mullen and Winning

The article is about how quickly coaches need to win these days.  You can read the article at ESPN.  You guys have any thoughts on how long he should have?

I don't like to necessarily put a time frame on it, but I'm thinking only winning 3 games a season for three seasons shouldn't cut it.

Poor Excuses

Last night I asked Nunnrey if he was planning on making it out to Founders Day this year.  His first question was when is it and I let him know it's March 28.  Then he wanted to know about who was going.  I pointed him at the blog entry with the latest that I'm aware of and I also threw out some others that would probably be in attendance.  He asked about JT to which I replied I haven't asked him yet, but my guess is no since he just spent a week in MS last month and he's planning a long vacation in May.  Nunnrey's response to that:  I'll go if JT goes.

What are you writing about James?  This isn't that entertaining.  No, it's not, but let me tell you another story about Nunnrey.

Shey and I are going on a Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean in May of this year.  Sidenote: if any of you are interested in going contact me and I'll get you the information.  When I asked Nunnrey if he and Kaci would like to go he immediately asked for the dates.  I told him May 2 - May 9 of 2009.  He asked who was going and I told him: JT, Lisa, Shey, me.  Nunnrey asked me if John and Stef were going and I told him I didn't think so.  Nunnrey then told me if John and Stef go then they'll go.

What sort of response is that?  Let me pick someone not likely to go to hinge my decision on.  If you don't want to go just say no.  If you do want to go then say yes.

Well, Nunnrey....I'm onto your game.  The next time a trip comes up and you ask who else is going I'm going to tell you that no one else is going, but I'm working on X, Y and Z.  Where X, Y and Z are people that are already committed.  When he tells me that he'll go if X goes I'll tell him he's in luck because X just confirmed via text message they are in.

Stripper Idol

I heard the commercials on the radio.  And as you can imagine I asked Shey if I could go only to be met with the stink eye.  Here in Austin a gentleman's club called Palazio Men's Club is sponsoring a contest called Stripper Idol.  Now, American Idol is suing for a trademark violation.

Being the concerned citizen that I am I believe it is my duty to pick up John and head down to Palazio tonight so we can see for ourselves if we believe they are committing any trademark violations.

You can read more about the lawsuit at

Friday, January 9, 2009


I figured I might cause some confusion slinging around the JoJo nickname indiscriminately. For the time being, if I refer to Nunnrey and JoJo I really mean Nunnrey and Kaci (until Nunnrey starts hanging out with the original JoJo a lot--at which time I'll rethink my strategy). Why? See K-Ci and JoJo, and yes I realize it doesn't make sense.

Playboy Mansion

New King of Wii Bowling,

I didn't realize you could score over 200, so it never occurred to me to exceed that number. Anyway, I can't let you get away without answering if you:

a) Went to the Playboy Mansion, and if so please describe your impression.
b) Came up with a reason not to go, and if so please explain why.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road Trip: Founders Day 2009

Who can make the trip out for Founders Day this year?  It's on March 28-29.  I slacked and didn't make it in 2008 because of my wedding, but now that's out of the way.  I'm sure the normal things will be planned like the golf tourney and crawfish boil, but this year also happens to be the Lamma centennial celebration so I'm told there will probably be more activities planned.  

My significant other is planning on making the trip out as well, so no reason not to bring yours too.  Some of you guys that will be on my golf team need to start working on your game since you know I won't be.  And Daniel, I still promise that I didn't break your club.  Luke, there might be more quacktastic ducks out at the course if you need a new hood ornament on your cart.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wii Bowling Clinic Revisited

Since I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd post a blog about my Wii Bowling abilities and perhaps send an offer for a future challenge to the so called "King of Wii Bowling". The photo below is from one of the few times that I beat my girlfriend. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty good, but I must admit she usually kicks my ass. Must be something to do with Asians. I wonder why I don't see many Asians on the PBA tour? Could be the fact that I've never watched professional bowling on TV!

I find it funny....

Since MS tends to be one of the fatter states in the Union, that we would now lead the nation in teen pregnancy. I guess fat people are into the love-makin'.

We're #1, We're #1!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guitar Hero Brokeback Edition

For Christmas, John bought me Guitar Hero World Tour for our Wii.  We've played it a handful of times now and it has provided hours of entertainment.  In the words of Cowboy, I can tear that A$$ up when playing against John.  

Friday night, Nunnrey and Kaci came up for the evening.  After Bama choked and embarrased the SEC, we cranked up GH for Nunnrey to try out.  Here is a pic from the event.  I like to call this Guitar Hero Brokeback Edition.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nunnrey v. Texas Donut

I've been watching a show called Man v. Food on the Travel Channel. The guy on there has been tackling various eating challenges (e.g., the 72 oz Big Texan steak). He also stops by Round Rock Donuts in the Austin episode. I believe they said the "Texas Donut" weighs 2 pounds and the rim of a bucket is used to cut its shape.

Nunnrey and JoJo came up from S.A. last night, and this morning I presented Nunnrey with his very own Texas Donut. I put a regular donut on top so you get an idea of the scale.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

National Air and Space Museum

Earlier in December while on a work related trip to Washington, DC, we had some time to kill before our flight home so we stopped at the National Air and Space Museum near the airport. A ton of info about the museum can be found on their website.

All I had was my crappy camera on my phone, but here are some of the pictures I took.

The place was really cool and if you are into planes and what not it's a neat place to visit.  A definite recommend from me if you are in the area and have the opportunity.