Thursday, April 28, 2011

Byron Nelson Championship

I kind of hate to bump Luke's picture down the page...

I'm dragging my wife up to Irving, TX the weekend of May 27-29 to watch some golf that Saturday. I bought these tickets, and my goal will be to drink enough to make this a profitable exercise. Anybody want to join us or meet up for some off-site drinks?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Me and Danica

So these jackasses that I work with had this picture hanging up in my office when I came in this morning...

While I find it funny as shit, I have a few concerns.

1. This was pulled off a porn site, so am I working with some sexual deviants? I mean, by showing this to everyone isn't he basically admitting that he is into this kind of thing?

2. I have to admit that there is a resemblance between me and Mr. Beefytits here, but it's clear that he is way more endowed in the chest area than I am and my double chin is nowhere near as big.

3. It scares me that I may be mistaken for some fat ass who gets his tits signed by Danica Patrick. I can't wait to be recongnized in public while walking down the street with my family.

That is all.