Thursday, March 31, 2011

Misspelled Facebook rant becomes misspelled Facebook fight.

Misspelled Facebook rant becomes misspelled Facebook fight.

There's nothing like reading someone's angry, vague, useless Facebook status condemning "peeple" and ... read more


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Interesting Marketing Concept

So I was back at Austin's Park on Friday night (previously mentioned here). I put on a go kart clinic as usual. As I approached my truck on the way out, I saw a card stuck in the window.

I'm not complaining mind you, but are they thinking that parents are going to swing by Rick's and leave their kids in the car or something?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad Dawgs

From The Reflector:

9:32 a.m. A student reported throwing her wallet down a trash chute at Ruby Hall.

Thanks for reporting that. I hope they gave her some advice about not doing that any more.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Recreation vs. Re-creation

It seems the boys have been busy at many things except keeping us updated via this blog.

James has been able to tell us about Golf Tourney's, Founders Day, and other random recreation activities but has neglected announcing his re-creation and pending fatherhood. Seems he has been having a little bit of at home recreation also. The same could be said of Jameson and the pending arrival of Anna Nicole Smith on the horizon.

In order to not follow in their footsteps, we have found out we are expecting another ginger baby to arrive sometime in October. I am registered at just about any mail order liquor store or donations can be made to the Daniel Plourde Castration Fund.

Congrats to everyone and it looks like I will be missing next football season road trips again.

Bad Dawgs

From The Reflector:
9:45 a.m. A visitor reported he was accused of stealing property during the fall 1981 semester at MacGruder Hall.
Don't Tase Me Bro

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Golf Outing in Austin

The Austin SEC alumni groups are holding their golf tournament on Friday, April 1 if any of you are interested in coming down.  Why should you care?

Not only have I heard tales that we'll be graced by the presence of Aaron H. and Nunnrey, but Coach Jackie Sherrill is planning on coming out to help us represent MSU.  If you are ready to come re-live our college glory days with Coach Sherrill, then I suggest you contact me and start making travel arrangements. Be dialing.