Friday, September 30, 2011

Tailgating is on for South Carolina

Our annual football/tailgating trip is set for October 15 at the South Carolina game.  This year we are trying something a little different for our tailgating in that we will be renting a setup to save the hassles of Clay, Shay, Devin, and Brad hauling everything but the kitchen sink up to Starkville.

I waited around too late and couldn't get the basic tent setup, but that might work to our favor because now we ended up with a tailgating trailer.  I'm told this thing has a 50 inch LCD, a 55 inch LED, satellite, a Honda ultra quiet generator, infrared gas grill, air conditioner, tents, tables, chairs, etc.

The owner says he's almost positive he will be setting this up for us on the West side of Newell-Grissom.  We'll still need to figure out food, drink, etc as the game gets closer.  Donations to cover the cost will be gladly accepted.  Pass on the word to anyone you think may be interested in joining our party this year.  Contact me if you have questions or want additional info.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MSU Golf Shaft

If any of you are in a Brewster's Millions-type situation, you can get some MSU shafts here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thanks Mark

Mark has done it again.  Not only was my vehicle tagged as the official pimpmobile, but now my daughter will not need to worry about any identity problems with her ethnicity.