Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Show & Tell Part II

A nice surprise gift was waiting in my mailbox when I returned from Mississippi last weekend. It was a padded envelope from LaRue Tactical. I opened it and it was a holiday card and one of their famous dillos.

Thanks LaRue! I'll give it a whirl tonight to open my beverages while ringing in the New Year.

Christmas Show & Tell

For Christmas I got a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 (it's a 22LR).

I thought I'd go ahead and get a 22 to make it a little cheaper to go shooting. At first I looked at the standard 10/22 and the Marlin and Remington models. My father-in-law offered to sell me his Henry Golden Boy as well. I saw the M&P online so we went down to Cabela's to check one out. And you know the rest of the story.

This gift wasn't really a surprise so John bought a scope for it for me. It's the BARSKA 3-9x42 IR Contour Compact Tactical Scope.

In other exciting gun news; Kaci bought Nunnrey his first gun...a Red Ryder BB Gun. Hopefully he hasn't shot his eye out with it yet.

Monday, December 28, 2009

John's Wedding Causes New Casino Rule

If you came to Biloxi for John's wedding you may remember that after the reception we headed back to the Isle of Capri for some post party drinking. We ended up wheeling a cooler to the Lava Bar (the round bar in the lobby area) full of leftover beer from the wedding. I don't remember much past that because I was so hammered, but I don't think anyone ended up saying anything about the cooler.

This past weekend I stayed at the Isle while visiting my parents for Christmas. As we were walking to the hotel lobby from the parking garage I noticed this sign on the wall (not the house phone part).

I didn't try to bring in a cooler last weekend, but I did have a few drinks down at the bar Saturday night. They have some nice deals going on if you are in the area. During all college/pro football games they have $1 draft and $10 buckets.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

You may recall from Yuktown Highlights that I received a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas last year. This year my wife kept the theme going and added to my A Christmas Story collection. This year I got a You'll Shoot Your Eye out t-shirt and a leg lamp. Below is the view from my front yard looking in through the window (excuse the crappy picture from my phone).

Luckily, my wife had already gone to Yuktown for the holidays when I took this picture. Not so sure she would approve of me proudly displaying my lamp every night like I've been doing.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Government Efficiency

I'm happy to report I'm no longer wanted by the City of Austin as of today.

Last month on my way home from work I got a speeding ticket. I opted for defensive driving to get the ticket dismissed and for whatever reason I received a notification that I had a warrant out for not showing up to court. Here's how things went down.

11/17 - I received speeding ticket for 55 MPH in a 45. I'm still questioning how my truck was able to get to 55 MPH since I had just turned onto the road from a complete stop on a perpendicular street. I'm not positive I could have even got up to 45 MPH, but whatever.

11/20 - I show up at the City of Austin Municipal Court to request permission to take a defensive driving course and have the ticket dismissed. I receive paper work stating I have until 2/18/2010 to take the course and submit the proof to the court. I also pay a ridiculous $111 "administrative fee".

12/16 - I receive notification via mail that the City of Austin has issued a warrant for my failure to show up in court for my speeding ticket. Um...see last note...I did go to court.

12/21 - Today I submitted my defensive driving course certificate and driving record from the Texas DPS and the issue has been resolved.

Few thoughts on the subject:
  • Why would you issue a warrant for me after I already showed up in court and they said I have until Feb of next year to take care of this? I can even pull up the record at the City of Austin's website showing that I paid and requested defensive driving prior to the notice of warrant.
  • What exactly did my $111 administrative fee cover?
  • Why did I have to pay DPS to get a certified copy of my driving record? Are they telling me that the officer that pulled me over was unable to pull my record up to make sure I had no outstanding warrants or other violations?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hooters Wing Party

Last night we had another wing party in Round Rock. Needless to tummy no feel good this morning.

Nunnrey, have you had your party yet? The deadline is counting down.

Erik, do you have a report on your party yet?

This should help

In the wake of the Nov. 5 mass shooting, Fort Hood leaders have announced stricter gun registration policies for the Army post. In a command policy sent out Monday, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, Fort Hood's commander, wrote that soldiers and civilians who intend to bring a firearm onto Fort Hood must register with the Directorate of Emergency Services.

Why not shooting rampage registration?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

PPT Suggested Roadtrip

Might be some of yall interested in attending next year's event after watching the 2009 highlights....


Friday, December 11, 2009

Chicken Fried Steak Review

Had CFS at Silver K Cafe in Johnson City, TX today. Good size to it, and was aight taste-wise. Afterwards I saw a sign around the corner for a different place claiming to have the best CFS in TX or the world or at least Johnson City. Guess I'll try it next time.

Breaking News: Tiger's 13th Mistress

Who would Tiger not hook up with??? This morning I read allegations about Tiger's use of escort services and we've already seen some of the butter faces that are speaking out about their affairs with the golf great. Backtoms has learned that Tiger has finally hit rock bottom.

We've learned that Tiger's 13th floozy goes by the name of Devon. Devon earns an honest wage during the week, but on the weekends makes a living by dancing at the local jiggly wiggly. Here is a picture of Devon.

Backtoms caught up with Devon and asked how the affair began.
Tiger came in late one night to the club and sat at my satellite stage. He was out of singles so he tipped me with his business card. His cell phone number was on the back of the card and he told me to text him when I got off work. I did and he asked me to meet him at the motel so he could 'wear me out'. Truer words were never spoken!
I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let Me Post That For You: RAVE

Ryder sent this out yesterday about those crazy bulldogs:

Kids these days.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Triple Dog Dare

From the
It's become an annual winter tale: A young boy gets his tongue stuck to a metal pole, perhaps as the result of a dare. This year, the scene straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story" unfolded Tuesday morning in Boise with a boy of about 10. Boise firefighters used a glass of warm water to free the unidentified boy from the metal fence pole.
Haha...JT, after you finish testing your 9V batteries how about you give it a whirl for us.

Beer is Good. And People are Crazy.

1) I'm taking a stab at brewing beer. We made up a couple batches in college using a Mr. Beer kit. I've stepped up the operation a little this time. Using a 2-stage fermentation kit now. Trying this Muntons Pilsner to get the hang of it, and will see about stepping up the difficulty a little next time.

2) I had no idea that so many people liked Tiger because they thought he was such a class act (as opposed to being great at golf). Example of a dumb former fan:

Former Woods fans turned to his own Web site to vent their anger.

"I want my money back from Nike for all of this useless garbage that I have spent my hard-earned money on for the past 10 years!" one person wrote on his message board. "They put this person out there and we bought it, and now it turns out he is a lying."

What was he lying about again? I missed those commercials where they claimed the clothes and golf junk would keep the butterfaces away.