Monday, December 28, 2009

John's Wedding Causes New Casino Rule

If you came to Biloxi for John's wedding you may remember that after the reception we headed back to the Isle of Capri for some post party drinking. We ended up wheeling a cooler to the Lava Bar (the round bar in the lobby area) full of leftover beer from the wedding. I don't remember much past that because I was so hammered, but I don't think anyone ended up saying anything about the cooler.

This past weekend I stayed at the Isle while visiting my parents for Christmas. As we were walking to the hotel lobby from the parking garage I noticed this sign on the wall (not the house phone part).

I didn't try to bring in a cooler last weekend, but I did have a few drinks down at the bar Saturday night. They have some nice deals going on if you are in the area. During all college/pro football games they have $1 draft and $10 buckets.

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