Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beer is Good. And People are Crazy.

1) I'm taking a stab at brewing beer. We made up a couple batches in college using a Mr. Beer kit. I've stepped up the operation a little this time. Using a 2-stage fermentation kit now. Trying this Muntons Pilsner to get the hang of it, and will see about stepping up the difficulty a little next time.

2) I had no idea that so many people liked Tiger because they thought he was such a class act (as opposed to being great at golf). Example of a dumb former fan:

Former Woods fans turned to his own Web site to vent their anger.

"I want my money back from Nike for all of this useless garbage that I have spent my hard-earned money on for the past 10 years!" one person wrote on his message board. "They put this person out there and we bought it, and now it turns out he is a lying."

What was he lying about again? I missed those commercials where they claimed the clothes and golf junk would keep the butterfaces away.

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