Monday, December 21, 2009

Government Efficiency

I'm happy to report I'm no longer wanted by the City of Austin as of today.

Last month on my way home from work I got a speeding ticket. I opted for defensive driving to get the ticket dismissed and for whatever reason I received a notification that I had a warrant out for not showing up to court. Here's how things went down.

11/17 - I received speeding ticket for 55 MPH in a 45. I'm still questioning how my truck was able to get to 55 MPH since I had just turned onto the road from a complete stop on a perpendicular street. I'm not positive I could have even got up to 45 MPH, but whatever.

11/20 - I show up at the City of Austin Municipal Court to request permission to take a defensive driving course and have the ticket dismissed. I receive paper work stating I have until 2/18/2010 to take the course and submit the proof to the court. I also pay a ridiculous $111 "administrative fee".

12/16 - I receive notification via mail that the City of Austin has issued a warrant for my failure to show up in court for my speeding ticket. Um...see last note...I did go to court.

12/21 - Today I submitted my defensive driving course certificate and driving record from the Texas DPS and the issue has been resolved.

Few thoughts on the subject:
  • Why would you issue a warrant for me after I already showed up in court and they said I have until Feb of next year to take care of this? I can even pull up the record at the City of Austin's website showing that I paid and requested defensive driving prior to the notice of warrant.
  • What exactly did my $111 administrative fee cover?
  • Why did I have to pay DPS to get a certified copy of my driving record? Are they telling me that the officer that pulled me over was unable to pull my record up to make sure I had no outstanding warrants or other violations?

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