Friday, May 25, 2012

Punch Top Can

This is my first test of the Miller Lite PTC. As I've discussed with a couple of you, I thought the concept was a good incremental step towards the ultimate beer can. I think the next iteration should be a removable bottom. Invert can, remove bottom, enjoy. After which, I think we should abandon simple gravity-fed devices and have cans with a CO2 charge in the bottom with a DRINK button. I think that should get us to the point where you're not wasting time, but I'm keeping an open mind.

Also, congratulations to Nunnrey on his recent marriage. It was good seeing the out-of-town folks that made it in. I'm not sure anyone is aware of this tidbit save my wife. The ceremony took place on a golf course (that's not the part a lot of people don't know...), while I was standing around waiting for my turn in pictures I found an almost new Titleist Velocity ball. That was a nice treat to go with all the free beer that night.