Monday, April 13, 2009

John Should be Banned from Laser Tag

I think we've already established that most of you don't watch How I Met Your Mother. But here is a quick clip featuring NPH where he gets banned for life from laser tag.  Go ahead and watch it.

Yesterday, to entertain John's nephew, Gavin, we took him to Austin's Park.  This is where John took me to "putting school."  I do want to point out that John was the one keeping score so I'm not so sure about the accuracy.

We also played a round of laser tag.  Every time I saw John he was covering up the targets on his vest with his hand while shooting the little kids running around.  This my friend, is what we call cheating.  I compensated for John's cheating on multiple occasions by stalking him from behind and shooting the targets he couldn't cover on his back.

If any of you ever find yourself in a game of laser tag with've been warned.


John said...

Don't worry, next time I'm bringing in a pullover for full coverage.

Anonymous said...

Geez this sounds like something Daniel would do! Picking on Little Kids John! You know John as Sergeant Roger Murtaugh says, "I am to old for this"