Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Founders Day Wrap Up

I'm finally feeling back to about 99% today after the long weekend of drinking in Mississippi.  What did we learn:
  • Philly was very good to a few of us.  I think my winnings will be just enough to cover my deductible for the hail damage to my roof (if I need a new roof as my roofer is telling me).  I think John is buying more AR-15 equipment with his, and I guess Nunnrey will probably buy some chickens.  I'm wondering if I should add the mustache to my list of winning slot moves.
  • Crunk Craig is a jerk according to the slow chicks in front of us at the golf course.  It only took one hole to realize why.  Maybe my Red Ryder will speed them up next time.
  • The birthday girl (aka Trained Killa, aka Gun Cleaning Machine), Vanessa, doesn't appear to be able to drink like she used to.
  • Courtney is learning the SWA Rap as we speak.  Be on the lookout for her on a future flight.  Did I mention Courtney is a NKOTB groupie?
  • On Saturday night, I think that waitress from Friday night was out celebrating the large tip she earned from us.  Too bad we didn't have her the second night instead of that slow, forgetful chick we had.
  • Tarkus is getting old.  His hair is gray.  He's not on any of the social networking sites and has never heard of Twitter (not that I completely understand why people use it).  When I said blog he had a puzzled look on his face.  And then he started in on the virtues of face-to-face discussions over email.
  • I want to welcome our new authors to the blog.  I know you guys are dying to post so here are a few of the older posts you should check out first: Genesis, What's It Gonna Take and Blog Template.


John said...

You forgot to mention all the compliments Tarkus was getting regarding that fancy cell phone of his.

James said...

And I forgot to mention that Shey and Vanessa were about to throw down over who got Jeff's (the waiter) phone number. Good thing he came back and gave them both a copy of it.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jonesy got Jeff's phone number? Huh...anyways, I definitely think James should add the mustache to the list of winning slot moves. I also agree that Super V is no longer the power drinker she once was but I think that also apply to most of us. So John....when can I expect some new mags in the mail?