Sunday, April 5, 2009

Evening Post

Glad to see our newest members on board. Sucks that I missed Deevo's burgers last year, and there's a chance I may miss them again. Looks like we might be going to a wedding that weekend.

I've been watching some of nutnfancy's youtube video reviews. He's done quite a few reviews of guns and knifes, including a 5 part AK-47 vs. AR-15 series.

Teaser for an upcoming post from James: We got to shoot an SKS yesterday.

Michael, that AR is shaping up pretty good. I know you already have a cool upper picked out, but before you pull the trigger so to speak, have you seen these from LaRue?

LaRue Tactical Stealth Sniper System LT011

LaRue Tactical DMR-16 Upper


Anonymous said...

John - I'm not locked into my upper yet. In fact I was shopping the Noveske's today. These look pretty cool too. Aside from my stock, I'm trying to buy American made products and because of the liberal gun laws in Texas, perhaps I should support LaRue. Do you know what their build time is?

John said...

No idea on build time. You might want to give them a call. I'm considering this handguard.

Anonymous said...

I do like their handguards. I'm now heavily considering the 16'' sniper rifle from LaRue with the 11" handguard. It looks pretty similar to the POF one that I liked but $200 less.