Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Fun Outing

As John eluded to earlier, we took a field trip out to a ranch (one of Shey's co-worker's) this weekend for some shooting fun.  Here is a pic of what we brought to the party.

And the husband of Shey's co-worker brought his SKS, 45 and 22.  This was my first opportunity to shoot John's AR-15.  It is pretty sweet.  And the holographic sight is a lot of fun.

Mostly we were shooting at rocks and cactus, but we did break out a homemade target (specifically made for the Red Ryder).  Here it is after some handgun shots, but before we unleashed the AR-15 on it.

And needless to say the target didn't hold up too well.  Good thing I had a trash bag in the truck.


Anonymous said...

LMAO Good stuff! First off to John...nice visor! James....the back of your truck should always look that way....damn I miss the South. I think my favorite redneck quote out of the whole blog was "Mostly we were shooting at rocks and cactus". Classic stuff right thur!

LCA said...

I have figured out that real estate for sale signs make perfect targets. They have the metal stands and signs that will hold up for a while and if you put one of those black targets that turns bright green when you shoot it, it makes for a pretty good little set up. Try it out next time.