Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kenny Powers Twitter Feed

Tarkus, don't even bother reading this one since you don't know anything about Twitter.  For you Eastbound and Down fans I've now included the Twitter feed from Kenny Powers on the Backtoms homepage.  Look for it in the sidebar under the Blog Archives.

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James said...

Posting this comment on behalf of Tarkus.


Welcome to my inaugural post. Although I still don't really understand what Twitter is (is that the same thing as Facebook?), I am familar with Eastbound and Down. Pure gold.

And up to this point, I've been slightly hesitant to actually "contribute" to this group, as it's only a matter of time before one of you numnuts drinks too much sweat tea vodka and lights up some local Applebees ... similar to what John Rambo did to a southeast asian rural community in First Blood, Part 2. This group would certainly tie me to the investigation. I'm willing to take that risk, though.

Anyway, need some advice. Don't know shit about guns. Really. Other than my dad's 22 at a gun range, I plugged some turtle with my uncle's shotgun when I was 13. That's it. When you respond, pretend like you're teaching Calculus to fucking retard.

So, want something for the house. And I'm not looking to exterminate an entire herd of buffaloes. And I certainly am not interested in building or assembling my own overtime like some fucking model car. I want to take it off the wall, or out of the box, or however the hell guns come, switch my safety off and just plug whoever might be standing in my doorway one night. Clean. Simple. Easy. That's what I'm looking for.

Also, what is the buying process? Where do I go? Do I need to apply for a license ahead of time? Do I need a license? What is the registration process?

A little help here.