Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend BBQ: DOMINO Edition

Over the weekend, the MSU Track & Field team was in town for the Texas Relays.  On Saturday evening, we were invited to a BBQ in which the MSU coaches would be attending.  The BBQ itself was hosted by a local MSU alum from the 80's.  He had a bunch of his friends and family in town (I estimate there were 40+ people there), and most of them were from MSU as well.  Oh yeah, it's worth mentioning that the host and majority of attendees were Que Dogs from MSU.  

When we came strolling in it was about like you would expect...tables and chairs setup in the backyard, the game on the big screen in the living room, drinks flowing freely, plenty of Black and Milds and Swisher Sweets, and a game of bones in progress.  The host introduced us to everyone and one of the guys, Kelvin, I recognized.  I started talking with him and he said he drives the buses around for the student-athletes at MSU.  I then asked if he used to drive the shuttle from frat row onto campus and he said yeah.  Some of you lammas will probably remember him as well.

Other notes:
  • We introduced them to Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  I brought a handle of it over and it was well on it's way to being gone when we left.
  • The ribs and green beans were excellent (I wouldn't have expected any less).
  • We discussed at length the branding process for members getting the Omega symbol on their arms.  I told them about Eric T. and Luke getting the Lambda on their backs on a camping trip.
  • Shey got a dude to show her the brands on his chest.  She was particularly interested in this guy because he was a fireman.  Coincidentally, Shey did not wear her wedding rings to the party.
  • The fireman told me that the "big, light-skinned, brother" inside had brands on both of his butt cheeks.  On my way in for a drink I happened to cross paths with him and in my drunken stupor I inquired about it.  He told me he actually had two on one cheek and one on the other.  I then said, "Prove it!"  Just kidding about that last part, but in hindsight it was pretty dumb of me to ask one of the biggest dudes at the party about his butt.
  • John was upset that there wasn't some sort of step-show, but I told him he would need to challenge someone if he wanted to see it.  But of course he's scurd so it didn't happen.
  • I was not ostracized for having my sweat rag in hand.
All joking aside, we had a great time.  We had only planned on being there for about two hours which turned into 4+ hours by the time we left.  I can't wait for next year.  We're already planning on bringing a cooler of Boone's Farm so we can pass those around.


Sean Comeaux said...

Kudos on the boone's farm

James said...

Oh yeah, regarding Kelvin. I told him my crazy, cracka roommate (Deevo) used to sit on the bus and bother him while he was driving. He thinks he remembers him.