Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mustache = Money

My office held a Mustache March contest and I attempted to participate.  I didn't get to start until about mid-March because of some work travel (not that the extra two weeks would have helped me out).

Some of the comments I got from you all:
All I know is this is the winning smile that won us the big bucks in Philly.  Imagine how much we could have won if Michael would have let me borrow one of his douchebag neck shirts.

Shey made me shave because we were meeting up with her family on Sunday while in Mississippi.  My gripe is that she ended up breaking out the camera to show them the picture.  Here is my question...if you were going to show them anyway, why didn't you just let me show them in person so I could keep the stache and win the contest yesterday???

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