Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Template

I'll even do you another favor and put together this simple template for how to write your own entry. Copy and paste this template and fill in the blanks.

Remember that time when we were drunk at [noun]? You know, the time when [name] was [dumb action being performed]. I think that might have been back in the [season] of [year].

That [name] chick was really hot and [name] was trying hard to put his [noun] in/on/around her [noun]. And the whole time [name] was acting like an a$$ because he was so hammered. Then, [name] bet $20 that he could kick some dude's butt out in the parking lot.

And then [name] and [name] went to [name] apartment because they said they heard a crying baby. What really happened is that [name] was naked on the couch and [name] wanted to touch her [noun]. All of the sudden, [name] fell backwards down the stairwell while taking down everything on the walls with his hands and arms. The tremors could be felt across the street because [name] is so phat.

After that we watched [bar name] burn down. Back at [noun] we busted the bottom out of some 32oz bottles and then broke the bottles over each other's head. Yep, we are getting old now and those were the days.

Helpful tips for success:

  • Use the hyperlink tool to link things that readers might need clarification on. Some popular sites we're currently using as references are Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, IMDB, Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

  • Check the site daily as you never know when someone might post some sort of new dickatry.

  • Be sure and follow the general guidelines laid out in Genesis.


DP said...

So all that to say how the hell do I make those really cool links to referenced items?

James said...

You're in luck. Blogger has a how-to with pictures.