Friday, June 20, 2008


Back story: Back in 2003, Hooters was celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a promotion called the Hooters Passport. They issued you a passport in which the goal was to go to 20 different Hooters within the year. Hardcore competitors (such as myself) were given: a certificate of completion, an entry into a drawing for $20K, and most importantly a party that included 250 wings.

I dragged many of you to various Hooters across the country that year (and several trips by myself) so I could finish the challenge. When I did succeed, I had a party at Hooters in the Fall of the following year. However, because of limitations on the party (of course it had to be in the middle of the week) I angered some of you (read between the lines: JT) that were out of state and could not attend.

Fast forward to 2008. This is now the 25th Anniversary of Hooters and they have brought back the promotion. Now you need to visit 25 different Hooters, the drawing is worth $25K and the 250 wing party is still on the table just for completing the challenge. I now know the error of my ways from last time and instead of going to the trouble of only getting my passport book stamped we (John, JT, Nunnery, me) decided to try and get four passport books completed. This time we are running the old divide and conquer method to take on the daunting task of visiting 25 different locations.

Progress report: I am proud to report today that my boy, JT, must think that chicken wings are going out of style because over the course of the last month or so he has by himself gotten stamps at 5 additional locations. That puts us up to about 15 total (actually 2 passports only have 14 b/c some chick in Phoenix wanted to be a stickler for the rules and only give one stamp per person). This leaves us with plenty of time in the year to finish up those last remaining stamps.

What does it all mean James? What it means is Houston and're on notice. There will be a Phatboy train running (of course not literally) through your town this year to get those remaining stamps. Even more exciting; it means that in 2009 we will be having 4 different wing parties. And if you are keeping your abacus handy that will be a total of 1,000 free chicken wings!

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John said...

If anyone from the Hooters' rule committee is reading this, what James really means is we are all personally visiting these locations--if that is indeed a requirement.