Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stages of Life

I'm sure all of you have noticed the numerous and varied stages of life we all seem to go thru or watch those of approximate age go thru. It always fun to compare experiences and share the lessons of life learned as we travel down the road we call life. We all remember anxiously awaiting the first few black hairs to appear on our boys in middle school and showing them off proudly like a badge of courage. Or sharing high fives with your buddies when you all lost your virginity in high school- JT missed the boat on this one but he was a late bloomer. The list goes on....
- Getting Married
- Getting Divorced
- Having Kids

This week I watched as a close friend traveled down a lonesome road that I am sure I to will have to travel down sooner or later. I had to watch this poor bastard go thru the angst of preparing to lose his manhood and being neutered. Now I can accept the idea of not wanting to have any more kids and still riding bareback but this sh!t scared me. How the hell did I get to the stage of life where my friends are getting vasectomies? Please God bring me back to the days of yore.... I can only imagine the things waiting for me around the corner of middle age.


James said...

Look at the upside'll be able to get a sports car for your mid-life crisis.

John said...

They have a male birth control pill, maybe Bud Light Lime w/birth control is on its way.