Friday, June 13, 2008


James spelled out the basic rules. Now it's time to get into the issue of the day.

The latest posts from Michael over at Deep Thoughts... has us wondering if the CA desert heat has finally gotten the better of him. His nascent life coach has him rethinking his current existence. It's bad enough that he's given much thought to this nonsense, but to act on it? Like Snoop said, "B Please."

No word yet on whether the new haircut materialized. But, if coach doesn't like Vineyard Vines, I'm betting Mike's about to be all Mindfreak-Criss-Angel'ed out on the next Vegas or MS trip.


James said...

Next it'll be, ", just suck this. It'll be okay. You can call no homo."

Anonymous said...

Wow! What I wouldn't give for a little Oriental Rug & Tug. No homo.

As for the haircut materializing...not yet. My Assistant Coach (fellow coworker / hair stylist) had her schedule changed so I had to postpone until next week.

As far as the new wardrobe! Kicking Ass! I went to the U.S. Open on Thursday at Torrey Pines and I must say that I was rockin out with the new duds! Oh and a few good shots were made by some of the touring pros!

DP said...

Michelle.... what can I sya seems you have strayed way too far from your LA roots. In the words of Brad Paisley...

These days there's dudes getting’ facials
Manicured, waxed, and Botoxed
With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands
You can't grip a tackle box

Yeah with all of these men linin’ up to get neutered
And headin’ out to be feminized
But I don't highlight my hair, I've still got a pair...

Come on Michelle remeber you're still a guy!