Friday, March 4, 2011

Recreation vs. Re-creation

It seems the boys have been busy at many things except keeping us updated via this blog.

James has been able to tell us about Golf Tourney's, Founders Day, and other random recreation activities but has neglected announcing his re-creation and pending fatherhood. Seems he has been having a little bit of at home recreation also. The same could be said of Jameson and the pending arrival of Anna Nicole Smith on the horizon.

In order to not follow in their footsteps, we have found out we are expecting another ginger baby to arrive sometime in October. I am registered at just about any mail order liquor store or donations can be made to the Daniel Plourde Castration Fund.

Congrats to everyone and it looks like I will be missing next football season road trips again.


James said...

Others in the group that I'm aware of that are expecting: Mark B., Brian J., Lukey Love

Brown chicken brown cow

Congrats to everyone

ahawley said...

congrats to all. we just celebrated the birth of our 3rd little bundle of joy. I have never been so tired in all my life.

Brian J is an expectant father as well...

James said...

Just found out my little ankle biter is a girl.