Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does Anyone Know Her?

Her name is Megan and she went to Harrison Central on the Coast.

Why am I so interested? I'm glad you asked. Check out Prostitution sting nets 17 arrests from Sunherald.com:
D’IBERVILLE — Undercover officers across two Coast counties came up with a solution to being recognized by the prostitutes and escort services they try to arrest or raid. The officers swapped territories Thursday night for an operation that netted 17 arrests.
And then check out the photo gallery of those arrested. Megan is the first person proudly displayed. A quick Google search will result in her Facebook page which has this picture.

Quite frankly, she looks like one of the bait and switch pictures one would see in the strippers direct to you ads. Then when the stripper actually shows up (or so I'm told), you get Gloria (see the fifth picture in the photo gallery...yep, the one that needs to be told one more time).

Anyway, if anyone is interested...John is setting up a defense fund for Megan. What do you think the price difference is between Megan and Gloria?

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