Monday, February 1, 2010

Late Christmas Gift

For Christmas, my Dad gave me some cash and suggested that I pick up an optic for my AR-15. I think he felt my lack of an optic was a bit inferior to John's fancy EOTech. Well, I finally bit the bullet last Friday and ordered an Aimpoint CompML3 and Tactical QD mount from LaRue.

It arrived today, and again I'm impressed with LaRue (remember they sent me a Christmas gift and card). Today I received the same treatment that Mike C. did back last July when he received his upper from Larue. I got my bumper stickers, cap, Dillo Dust, beverage entry tool and my pocket-sized US Constitution.

Even with this latest purchase I'm losing the arms race on Backtoms. You may remember Brian posted about his pair of Glocks back in August and I'm told now that he's holding out on showing his new toys.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that Larue does a great job. I was a bit butt hurt when you got your Christmas card and dillo...til mine showed up a week later. I will be ordering iron sights and an optic and maybe even a light from them real soon. I'll have to place each of them separately to see if I can maximize the goodies! Slap that optic on your AR and show us the goods.