Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it like this in Oklahoma?

Inmate slipped out of prison to buy cigarettes, officials say

I wonder if they let you come and go like this in OK jails. James, Nunnrey?

Coming on the heels of the latest round of official claims that Texas prisons have been made more secure was this news Monday: A convicted burglar who was supposed to be confined to a lockup near Houston went shopping last week for cigarettes and smokeless tobacco at an all-night discount center.

Prison officials never knew he was gone.

And after they were tipped to the late-night trip, officials confirmed Monday, they had to verify the escape by viewing the store's surveillance camera system — which was much better than the one the prison has.

Authorities said they were investigating reports that Skyler Steddum, 19, might have made as many as 70 such shopping trips from Sugar Land's Central Unit, where he was a trusty in a part of the prison without fences.

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James said...

I was too busy defending my b!tch's honor (that would be Nunnrey) to be worrying about picking up smokes.