Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uppity in MN

Minnesota columnist issues apology for disparaging Mississippi

St. Paul Pioneer Press Columnist Jim Ragsdale apologized to South Mississippians today for describing Mississippi as “a cesspool” in a video posted on the newspaper’s Web site as an attempt at humor to lure Brett Favre back for another season as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

In the snow-shoveler's defense, it's an obvious attempt at humor, and I would have simply issued a get-a-life statement to anybody pretending to be bent out of shape over the video.

As an aside, all news sites have some pretty dumb commenters, but the Sun Herald has to be near the top with illiterate and/or illogical statements. (In general, not necessarily to the story linked to above.)

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msujameson said...

I can't lie. There are a lot of Uppity shits up here. I have noticed on a lot of the talk shows (especially the sports talk and lib shows) on the the radio, they tend to use MS as the negative comparison. So be it. These folks also voted for Al Franken for senate and Jesse Ventura for a governor.