Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Agree or Disagree?

We had an interesting cab ride in Houston last weekend on our way to the game. The minivan cab that was in our hotel parking lot wasn't interested in cabbing us. The next driver was happy to take us. I sat shotgun with James, Shey, Nunnrey, and JoJo backing me up.

Since we had a few minutes I decided to make some small talk with the driver. The weekend is a blur, but I think I asked him how long he's been in Houston. The next thing I know, he's informing us that we'll never ride with a driver with more credentials than him. While he couldn't fully answer a couple of my questions (the answers were "long stories")--the condensed version was interesting enough.

He spoke about being amongst the best at what you do, and then told us that there are four professional sports of consequence. "Agree or disagree?" I agreed. It turns out that he played in the NBA. He rattled off some of his achievements, and they did sound impressive. He said we'd find out about him when we Googled him. I should say at this point that "agree or disagree" was put to me multiple times throughout the conversation. James and Nunnrey were enjoying that (enough so that Nunnrey texted me during the drive with "agree or disagree").

I glanced at his credentials on the dash, and Googled on our walk to the stadium. Turns out that our driver was John Drew.

So, I agree. We'll never ride with a driver that's done more.

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James said...


And now, next time you see John make sure you poke him in the chest and ask him, "agree or disagree!?!?"