Monday, May 30, 2011

This one's for Talley

I seem to remember that Talley liked to mix his lemonade and kool-aide half and half at lunch and dinner at the house. I also seem to remember that he dubbed this drink the "Bloody Tampon" and while it never took off nationally like the Arnold Palmer, there was quite a big following at the Lambda house, but I reminisce. The real reason for this post is as follows:

Our neighborhood pool opened up about a week and a half ago and my wife and kids have been every day since. During one of their visits last week they met up with an neighbor who has kids the same age so the moms could talk and the kids could play. While my wife was in the pool with the kids, she questioned the neighbor as to why she wasn't getting in the water.

Her response was that she couldn't get in because she was having her period and that she had to start using pads because tampons now fall out... Why couldn't she just say that she didn't feel good? Why couldn't she say she was on her period and leave it at that? Why did she have to give the details?

I don't know if I will ever be able to look at this woman again. I am left wondering how something like this happens. Is her husband Mandingo? Maybe she is into fisting? The questions are endless.

I just hope that next time I see her I don't start laughing uncontrollably

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James said...

Gimme some of dat red