Sunday, August 7, 2011

Annual Tailgating?

Anyone going to be up for trying to get together for the South Carolina game on October 15?  Not positive on the plans yet for our little one, but there is a good chance she would be staying with her aunt in Madison for the day.  Let me know if you are interested.


James said...

So the only response I got was from Clay/Shay. I guess let me change the question some. I'm looking at buying tickets in the near future. Do any of you non-season ticket holders want to try and get some grouped together?

James said...

For sure:
- Me/Shey have airline tickets. I arrive in Jackson Friday morning Oct 14.

- Talked to Les and they bought tickets to the game and are planning on being up there that weekend (staying in Louisville).

- JT/Lisa are considering.

- John is in the maybe category.

- Nunnrey/Kaci are thinking about it.

Any of you other non-season ticket holders considering? Now that I have a flight I am planning on purchasing tickets within the next week so time to make some decisions if you are on the fence.

LCA said...

Not gonna be able to make it due to a wedding. My wife's family doesn't understand SEC football. Her cousin went to TSUN and her Grandfather went to Vandy, other than that they all went to small private schools. I tried to talk him out of it (getting married that is), but he wouldn't listen.

Anyway, I am thinking of going to NYC in Nov to see the BBall dogs play A&M at MSG. Anyone interested in that?