Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lamma House Renovation Pictures

Interested in what's been happening at the lamma house.  Check out the pictures of the new courtyard area.  Be sure to swing by and take a look for yourself when you are in town this fall for a game.


LCA said...

They got rid of the fountain? hard to tell, also looks like a permanent slab for a band?

Looks pretty good, shoud have added an outdoor kitchen. I know a guy who's dad owns the only round pipe bending machines in the country, he can make a bad ass grill. I'll call him if you want.

James said...

I've heard of that place...didn't it used to be in Tennesse? I also wonder if the construction crew used 23 oz hammers?

Yeah, fountain is gone and that is a permanent slab for band. The fence was moved closer to the street and v-ball court was moved away from the edge of the retaining wall.