Friday, July 22, 2011

Deebo's Wedding Wrapup

Congratulations to Deebo. The trip to Birmingham was not kind to Nunnrey and me.

  • I was supposed to fly out of Austin at the crack of dawn on Saturday connecting through Houston.  I missed my flight, and ended up going through Orlando.  Travel tip:  flights arriving/departing Orlando are full of other folks' screaming kids.
  • Nunnrey, true to form, left his phone (and dignity) at some bar Saturday night.  I believe B-rad retrieved it and mailed it back to him.
  • We had prearranged a cab to pick us up at 5:15am Sunday.  I slept straight through the alarms I had set on my phone, and was awoken at 5:20am by the hotel lobby letting us know our cab was waiting.  We grabbed our luggage and headed out dirty.  Here starts a disturbing trend (reference this).  Nunnrey made me ride up front with our cabby.  I don't know if the car's AC was out, or just not on, but it was kinda warm for a fella that had drank half the beer in Alabama the night before.  Anyway, the cabbie had a bunch of jokes queued up for me the entire ride to the airport.  I could have handled some silence.  At least he didn't poke me in the chest.
  • On the positive side, the flights from Birmingham to Houston, and Houston to Austin & San Antonio were pretty sparse.  I guess nobody wants to wake up that early.
  • I wasn't feeling quite right for the next couple of days.  I'm getting old.

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