Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watermelon Fest

OK...I read an article that James sent out about the food collection for watermelon fest that goes to the salvation army. If there was one thing my extreme jewism in life has caused is this article. If memory serves correctly (which it may not because i was drunk a lot that semester) we initially started collecting food during the Watermelon Fest in which I was in charge. The reason behind this was that I was not a big fan giving hard earned money to the United Way which was our charity up to that point (too much much of the cash goes to administration rather than helping). So I am not going to lie, I am proud of that change and that it has continued to the point that such amounts of food are being collected.

Of course it could have been the year before when Daniel was VP. But, I think that was my year the change was made. Help me out Daniel, if you remember.


DP said...

I think I started the food drive as part of Watermelon Fest but we still gave $10k to United Way.

Still love the fact that I can say I have bought Pork'n'Beans by the pallet.

msujameson said...

Now that you mention it, I believe you are correct, I think I moved us away the following year from the United Way and had all proceeds go to the food bank.