Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Beau Knows...

For your New Year enjoyment I felt obliged to provide the latest stories heard from Beau.  You Biloxi High guys will remember Beau B. (last name the same as a previous MS governor that has a reservoir named after him in Jackson) and for the rest of you I will try to paint an accurate picture of him:
  • This is the guy that lived on Nunnrey's couch for a little while in San Antonio before moving in with JT for an extended stay in Tulsa earlier this decade.
  • Maybe JT or Nunnrey can clarify here, but I believe he has 3 kids from 3 different mommas.
  • I believe he's been married two times before, but is currently divorced (and dating someone in a long term relationship).
  • He was previously a Marine and has also served in the Army.  I believe he has also had a stint as a bounty hunter.
  • Beau is a good guy and at a bar he's the type of dude you would much rather have on your side since his Marine training has taught him to kill with well over 100 different methods (and that is just with a paper clip).
  • Beau has certainly made it through some tough times and lived to tell about some interesting experiences.
Some of my favorite one-liners from Beau (and sorry if I butcher them slightly, but you get the point):
  • I get laid like a sack of fertilizer.
  • I gotta be careful because I just walk into a room and b!tches get pregnant.
  • When you say something is "frowned upon" do you mean they poke out their bottom lip and look upset or do you mean it is against the rules (this was more acted out rather than simply said).
Last Friday night, JT called Beau and we all met up at Treasure Bay in Biloxi for drinks.  Over the course of several hours and many beers, Beau caught us up on various happenings in his life as well as others from high school.  Here are a couple of the highlights:
  • Beau's ex-wife made an appearance on Dr. Phil to explain how her life had been ruined by Beau.  Not sure if Beau was invited to the show or not, but amazingly enough Dr. Phil sided with Beau on this and told the ex that she needed to let go of the anger and move on with her life or she would be alone forever.
  • While catching Beau up on Nunnrey, he told us of a story from the glory days of high school football.  Biloxi High was taking on St. Augustine in the New Orleans Superdome.  While out in the huddle, Beau noticed a short, stocky fellow running out to replace one of the other lineman.  Who was the stud coming was Nunnrey.  The play was called and the huddle broke.  Nunnrey lined up on the wrong side of the ball and a timeout had to be called to prevent a penalty.  Not sure if Nunnrey got to play too much more in the Superdome game.
Wishing you all the best in 2009 (especially Beau, as he could use some good luck)!

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