Friday, August 14, 2009

Bums Need More Money

Homeless patients weigh in on health care debate from News 8 Austin:
One look at the long line outside of the CommUnityCare Clinic housed at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless will tell you how much need there is for health care among Austin's homeless.
The Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (or ARCH) is a nice looking building conveniently located 1 block from Austin's entertainment district. I'm glad we have such high-dollar real estate set aside for our homeless.
"There's a major, wide range of problems, as far as behavioral, mental health, dental and vision," clinic administrator Tony Moore said.
John says it best, "Yeah, #1 behavioral problem is sleeping under the overpass."
About 10,000 patients squeeze through the 1,100-square-foot office every year.

Patients of the CommUnityCare clinic at the ARCH are part of the Medical Assistance Program. Their annual budget of about $50 million comes from Travis County tax payers and the federal government.
If I'm reading that right they already have a budget of $50 million and they "squeeze" 10,000 patients in per year. So every visit cost tax payers ~$5,000. Sounds good to me...let's give them more money so our homeless can continue with their daily routine of alcoholism, drug addiction and aggressive panhandling. I'm glad I don't live downtown.

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