Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's Better Than One Hooters?

Thirteen Hooters

As John pointed out in Back from the big D, and I mean Dallas we decided to take on the challenge yesterday:
  • ~9:00 AM - John makes the call and asks if we are going to do this today. I reluctantly agree.
  • ~9:45 AM - Depart to run some errands and head to DFW
  • 11:45 AM - Arrive at the Czech Stop for some kolaches
  • 1:25 PM - #1 Hooters of South Arlington
  • 1:43 PM - #2 Hooters of Ft. Worth; we go ahead and eat lunch here; John shows his philanthropic side and donate to charity to have his truck washed by the bikini team in the parking lot; we also saw some dummy hit the one nice (parked) vehicle in the parking lot...a Porsche
  • 3:14 PM - #3 Hooters of North Richland
  • 3:34 PM - #4 Hooters of Arlington
  • 3:55 PM - #5 Hooters of Irving
  • 4:18 PM - #6 Hooters of Grapevine; on the way to this one saw some chick throw her car in reverse on a ramp for a toll road...not a good idea
  • 4:49 PM - #7 Hooters of Lewisville; this location had the best layout
  • 5:23 PM - #8 Hooters of Addison; independently told by two sources (Tarkus and Erik) that this location has one of the best talent pools...we weren't too impressed
  • 5:49 PM - #9 Hooters of Plano; on our way out John does his good deed for the day and changes a tire of some girl in the parking lot
  • 6:34 PM - #10 Hooters of Mesquite; leaving this location we see a grass fire on the North side of I-30
  • 6:59 PM - #11 Hooters of Dallas; the largest Hooters in the world; met Jeff, Kristin and Erik here for dinner
  • 10:20 PM - Stop at the Czech Stop for round two of kolaches
  • 10:43 PM - #12 Hooters of Waco
  • 11:39 PM - #13 Hooters of Killeen
  • 12:45 AM - Finally get home
If you are wondering how to take the fun out of Hooters...follow the above recipe. Anybody want to try and beat that single day record?

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John said...

Passports are complete. Got the last two stamps yesterday.