Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3rd Annual Backtoms Football Tailgate Planning

It's getting that time of year again and we need to pick the weekend for our 3rd annual tailgate.  Here are the Saturday home games:

Sat, Sep 04 Memphis
Sat, Sep 25 Georgia
Sat, Oct 02 Alcorn State
Sat, Oct 23 UAB (HC)
Sat, Oct 30 Kentucky
Sat, Nov 20 Arkansas

Deebo already chimed in and is picking Georgia since we don't have an opportunity to see them at home as often.  My wife is wanting October so it will be cooler.  I don't necessarily have a preference, but I want to float it out there and see if we can get some consensus.  Put your comments on here or if you can't figure it out...email me.

Also, if you are planning on making it out to the game in Houston on October 9th let me know.  My crew will be heading down to tailgate.  Hopefully, this year John can refrain from breaking his leg.


Sean Comeaux said...

That Houston game looks good to me.

DP said...

October would work better for me as #2 is coming in August. That will give a little more time to settle things down at home.

James said...

Luke left me a voicemail saying he liked the Georgia game as well. So right now I'm hearing two for Georgia and two for October. Anyone else?

James said...

Nunnrey says October is better for them.

Clay/Shay rubbed it in my face that anytime is good for them since they have season tickets and go to every game.

msujameson said...

Of course I have started getting use to the cooler weather and that hot september weather may be too much for my delicate body. I would push for something later, but Lisa and I will pretty much agree for any weekend to get South!

James said...

Current votes I'm aware of:

Sept - Georgia
Luke (although I believe he said last week either way was fine)

Oct - Kentucky
James (b/c my wife dictates my vote)

Looks like it's leaning towards October. Deebo, you going to be able to live with that?

Not sure what to make of the ticket situation. Looks like the only single game tickets currently on sale so far are for the upper-deck on the West side and for section V & W (visitors and gen pop). Guess they are holding out trying to get more season ticket sales before they start releasing bulldog club seats.