Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathroom Etiquette

Last year a company moved in to an office in our building that shares a common area containing the bathrooms.  As time has gone on everyone in my office has started noticing some unsettling behavior from the new people.  First, let me give you the lay of the land in the men's bathroom.  There are three urinals and three stalls.  There are also two sinks and a paper towel dispenser that is regularly stocked.  Here is a primitive (not to scale) diagram to give you an idea.

  1. There are a couple of people we've noticed that regularly do not wash their hands after using the facilities.
  2. They do not respect the straight space at the urinals or in the stalls.
  3. An extension of #2 really, but there are several of these guys that will always choose urinal 2 (U-2 in the diagram) when they are the first man in which essentially makes all of the urinals off limits.
General rules I think everyone should play by in this bathroom configuration:
  • Always choose U-1, U-3 (or if the situation demands go with T-1 or T-3) if you are the first man in.
  • If you are the second person in make sure you leave at least one urinal/stall between you and the first man.
  • What about if U-1 and U-3 are taken?  Feel free to bump over to T-1 or T-3 (you don't have to sit down).
  • Only use U-2 or T-2 if there is no other choice.
Nunnrey (as our resident bathroom specialist), can you provide any additional insights/rules or corrections?

Isn't there a flash game out there about this?  I wonder how that entire office missed it.


James said...

Received from Nunnrey via email this morning:
Subject: You dumb
i saw you early this morning on Aim and thought you went to work early to post that backtoms...

Response from James:
Nah, didnt come early for that sole purpose...usually here by 7:15ish. Just had to take laptop to meeting.

Response from Nunnrey:
hopefully you used T-1 or T-3...

James commentary: I'm going to take that as an expert approval of the rules I laid out, but feel free to let me know if I missed anything.

John said...

James and I had a brief discussion about this last night. I didn't pay enough attention to his detailed illustration and assumed it had a similar configuration to the bathroom at my workplace. We have a divider between our U's. James still thinks it's bad form to roll up on U-2 if dividers are present. I'm ok with it. What I don't get is when a large group hits the place at the same time and queue up behind the U's while the T's are wide open. Like George Costanza said, "It's all pipes!"

msujameson said...

LOL...apparently I am an asshole. I purposely like to pick the middle stalls as my own social experiment on what others will do. I will make sure i do that next time when we are all together.

Personally, dividers should remove most objections unless only 2 folks are in a bathroom like that described where there are six potential locations. Of course if someone picks U-2, i sure as hell will pick one of the U's rather than a T, just for the hell of it.