Thursday, September 3, 2009

Must See TV

If you haven't seen Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel you really should. Season 2 started this week and it airs on truTV on Tuesday nights. It's about the pool party at the Hard Rock on Sundays during the summer. It's filled with everything that makes great television: drunks, douche bags, chicks in bikinis and drama.

This week they showed a group of dummies coming out to find their buddy a new chick (since he had just been dumped). The dude proclaims that he wants to find the hottest chick at the party. He ends up hooking up with some exotic looking chick with huge, fake cans. He later finds out that the chick is really a dude...or at least used to be. This doesn't stop him and he asks it out on a date.

It's also worth mentioning that the Hard Rock in Biloxi has it's own version of the party called Detox. Weekly, they put up pictures on the website. I guess times have changed since my years in B-town...looks like the place is overrun with knuckleheads wearing Ed Hardy shirts and augmented chicks running around.

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