Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paint Over

Non-Biloxi peeps might as well skip this one.

John's been hassling me to post about this one (I guess so he's not the only one posting about fashion and beauty). And since I'm sitting here drinking beer waiting on MSU to play while watching Texas struggling against Wyoming I'll go ahead and knock this one out.

Daniel pointed out Smiley winning Design Star last year. If you've been keeping up she now has a show on HGTV called Paint Over. Earlier this week I watched a couple of episodes and there was a good moment in the first show where she is asking the chick what she thinks about the results of a room makeover. The chick says she loves it and then Smiley says something along the lines of, "...good...I get nervous designing a room for someone with a faux hawk..."

And she wasn't kidding...the chick had a faux hawk, but she also sported sort of a mullet like haircut. I'm no big fan of the mullet and was hoping Daniel would come out at any moment and slap her in the back of the neck for me.

Anyway, check out the show (daily at 3 PM CT on HGTV). I'm not sure I'd want her to redo any of my rooms, but to keep in perspective I'd have every wall in our house some shade of white or khaki if I had my way.

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