Friday, September 4, 2009

What is going on in LA?

Excerpts from
Abu Mansour al-Amriki — or "The American" — has become one of the most recognizable and outspoken voices of terrorist propaganda.

He was born Omar Hammami in May 1984, and he grew up outside Mobile, Ala., in the city of Daphne.

Despite inching toward a population of 25,000 in recent years, Daphne still maintains "the ambience of a small town where the people are friendly and caring, and newcomers soon become good friends," according to the city's Web site. The city has streets with names like "Whispering Pines Road."

In fact, U.S. News & World Report calls it one of the "Best Places" in the country. And among Daphne's top assets, according to the city's Web site, are its "reputable schools."

During his later teenage years, Hammami attended Daphne High School and frequented the Islamic Society of Mobile, one of the most popular mosques in the Mobile area. It's unclear whether he was always a practicing Muslim, but a source told FOX News that he has family ties to Islam. A call to the mosque was not returned.

As for Daphne High School, it looks like the all-American high school straight out of the TV show "Friday Night Lights" — complete with the picturesque football field and massive flood lights. Before classes each morning, a small group of students gathers in front of the school to hold hands in Christian prayer. A short time later, a different group carries out an American flag, lifts it to the top of a pole, and stands hands-over-hearts as the "Pledge of Allegiance" is recited over a loudspeaker.
Luke, what the heck is happening to your hood? You need to get Clayton and Big Steak to put a leash on that puppy. It's probably all been downhill since Michael C. got shot in the nuts with a BB gun. Now everyone is in a jihad in LA.


John said...

Big Steak is a pretty cool name.

Anonymous said...

I agree with John on the cool nickname.

As for the terrorist...don't know bout that one. It is becoming quite evident that once Luke and I leave an educational institution that shit goes downhill...examples are cited below.

Luke and Michael graduate from MSU....then MSU football can't win a game.

Luke and Michael leave DHS, terrorists begin plotting and changing religions.

Luke and Michael leave the Lamma House....sexual assault and alcohol infractions surface.

Not that Luke and I are the epitome of scholastic beings, but there is some sort of good aura wherever we be!

Do you see a pattern here? Thoughts?

James said...

Luke and Michael leave the LBC...everything is magically turned upside down.

Luke and Michael leave Taco worker is scarred for life by visions of penis.

Yeah, I guess I see the trend.