Saturday, August 30, 2008

You remember "Smiley" from BHS??

So I have found another addicting internet past time (not porn related), Facebook. James why the hell did you turn me onto MySpace when there was this much better alternative?? Anyhow I set up my profile and have been getting reconnected to all sorts of old friends.... Wendy Broussard, Nicole Surrian, physicist and fatty Ms Olsen, Cherie Chester (ackk).

Anyhow I also received a friend request from Jennifer Oldham ( if your not from BHS move along). Seems she is now living in Kansas and just won some reality show called Design Star. Michael and John are probably fans but I had never heard of the show. Anyhow now you will be able to tell people you know someone with their own TV show as that was the grand prize.

Enough I have football to watch.....

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