Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dinner Topic

Last night we went to dinner with John and Stef for my birthday dinner. The dinner was great, but there was some very disturbing discussion going on between John and Shey. The same person does their micros and they both have the same facial wash. Next time I assume they'll be comparing their other feminine products.

Are you jealous that this is not the stuff that you get to talk about at dinner?


James said...

Oh yeah, Shey wanted me to point out that they also talked about The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the new season of Sunset Tan.

And Shey mentioned she may sue me for talking about her without her permission. I told her she betta bring the Navy; I'm fittin to bring the Army.

John said...

Well, I might argue that the same girl has done Shey's micros and 1/2 of my TWO micros, but I guess it's one of those deals where it doesn't make a difference if you've had 1 or 100. My only weak argument: I only have chicks doing them.

James said...

You sound like a BridgeBuilder.