Monday, August 18, 2008

Sonic Polls: Analysis

Do you tip your Sonic carhop?
6 responded yes
5 responded no

Do you use the Sonic drive thru option?
2 responded yes
8 responded no

Some of my general thoughts on the topic:

  • I didn't expect such a close call on the tipping question. I was under the impression that more people tipped their carhop. I'm not hatin on you for not...just thought it was common practice.
  • During a team lunch a couple of weeks ago only the females responded that they did not tip although one of them said that this is a point of contention with her husband. She said that she typically will go through the drive thru for the sole purpose of not having her husband tip the skinny, b!tchs on rollerskates. I am now assuming that some of the other guys that I work with do not tip either, but they responded yes so they would not be outed as a cheap bastard.
  • I don't quite get the drive thru as a viable alternative to the drive in UNLESS one of several criteria are met:
    • You have a wife that makes you choose the drive thru to avoid tipping.
    • There are no drive in spaces available.
    • There are no vehicles in the drive thru line (but even then this is questionable).
    • Your vehicle does not have reverse.
  • None of the males I worked with admitted to using the drive thru option. Again, I have a feeling they were not completely honest.
  • One female in my work discussion said that it was faster to use the drive thru. I beg to differ. We even laid out a scenario where there were already two cars in the drive thru; she would still choose to wait in that line as opposed to pulling into a drive in space and placing her order immediately.
  • Michael, do your carhops often give you small talk when they deliver your order?

What are your thoughts or comments?


DP said...

Beg to differ on your reasons for the drive thru. Try fitting a F250 Crew Cab in one of those spaces. Not gonna happen

James said...

I'll give you that one. It's somewhat a tight squeeze with my 1500HD Crew Cab.

Anonymous said...

Small talk is common practice here in friendly SoCal however such nonsense is not for me. I'm a busy dude.

On a side note...I really am not a cheap bastard but because I am fiscally irresponsible, I have personally chosen to not carry cash therefore I find using the drive thru much less embarrassing as I don't feel obligated to tip at the window!