Friday, August 8, 2008

Sonic Polls

Come visit the blog website and vote in our poll about Sonic. There are two questions out there right now:
  1. Do you tip your Sonic carhop?
  2. Do you use the Sonic drive thru option?

I am curious to see your habits and we can discuss further after the polls close.


ryder said...

I usually don't have cash, so when I use the little debit card slot it doesn't give you an option to tip... but I will usually give her a fry or a cheese stick or maybe a bite off of my extra long cheese coney... and what is a drive thru option? i don't guess we have those around these parts... isn't it all kind of drive thru?

James said...

I'm a little confused that Sonic has a drive thru as well considering they are America's Drive-In, but we can discuss that more in-depth after the poll closes.

I think your willingness to provide some of your food in lieu of cash is great. Now I know why some of my carhops look like they aren't getting enough exercise even though they run (or roll) food all day.

DP said...

How come Ryder tips a big girl on skates a bite off a cheese stick and it makes sense and when I give a stripper a piece of pizza crust everyone falls out laughing???

msujameson said...

I would have to say that I am hit or miss with it. If paying with cash I will usually give a dollar. In Tulsa, they would have fundraisers at the Sonic down the street and all "tips" would go to charity because the volunteers were acting as the carhops those days.

As a side note, they just opened the first Sonic in MN about a month or so ago. The damn thing is still busy enough to warrent police to direct traffic and me from wasting my time going there.

Finally, Danny, does your wife know anything about some of the crap you have pulled in your past?

James said...

What's even better than Daniel giving a stripper a piece of pizza crust? She gladly accepted and ate it.

I once saw Devin give a stripper his business card instead of a dollar at Sammy's in B'ham. I wonder if her name was Devin as well?

msujameson said...

I have a question. Do other folks have these stories or do I just know f'ed up acting people? Trust, I love the stories, but outside if Tucker, who else pulls that crap?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the infamous Mika! She sure threw down some pizza crust didn't she? Next time you see her, ask her how she liked my thumb in her a$$!

I suppose that answers the question about f'ed up friends huh?

That sad part about all's only the tip of the iceberg!

Sonic - We recently got one where I live too and I must say that as an individual who doesn't like people or small talk, I do appreciate the ease and speed of using the drive thru vs the drive in. Plus, I feel that since they are doing no more work in the drive thru than the chick at McDonalds, I dont feel obligated in any way shape or form to tip them. It's like tipping the window chick at Starbucks....not for me!