Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starkville Hotels: Americas Best Value Inn

I've got to say it seemed slightly better than last year, but maybe I just drank more this time. Our room was lacking an alarm clock and a remote control. The phone had the button for a wake-up call, but that didn't work and the hotel did not provide the service. The towels are standard bath towel size and feature ~40 grit size with the absorbency of a single-ply paper towel. Made drying off quite pleasurable.

Before you even have a chance to enjoy the towel be sure to check out the shower which begins with a flush out feature. When you turn on the water it looks like coffee grounds are coming out.

As with any hotel room I try to avoid direct contact with the comforter if possible. Friday night I woke up shaking because I was so cold. I adjusted the a/c unit and then tried to warm up on my wife. After she yelled at me I found myself with no choice but to wrap up in the comforter.

Our door handle was also a treat. To close the door from outside the room you actually had to insert the key card to allow you to turn the handle up before the door would pull shut.

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