Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tailgate Plans

Whats the plan for the weekend? I'm bringing my tent but don't know where I'm going.

Food, drinks, etc???

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James said...

Go to Starkville.

Sounds like you have dinner plans already, but we'll probably get the tent from you so we can attempt to secure a location. We are going to shoot for the East side of Dorman hall across from the Junction.

Friday night we'll hit the grocery store and buy up a bunch of beer and food. Clay/Shay are going to bring a grill and possibly some deer sausage. Devin will be bringing his famous burgers and some sausage. Last year everyone that did not bring food chipped in to cover the cost of the beer/food.

I'm assuming we will beat you there since we are driving up from Philly Friday. So give me or JT a call when you are getting close to town and we can figure out the rendezvous point (could be motel...could be bar).