Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Twilight Saga: Frozen Goods

Earlier this year, Shey started reading the Twilight series. I knew she was a little nuts about it when she finished the series and immediately started over with the first book. When the first movie came out she bought it on DVD and forced me to watch it. Not impressed.

Friday night while catching up with everyone at The Grill (for the last time) the Twilight series came up again. Come to find out most of the women of Backtoms are obsessed with this series. The volume of the conversation elevated and the women started looking slightly hot and bothered discussing the books. Now I see how we must have looked when discussing Platinum Plus back in the day.

!!!Exaggeration alert!!!
I don't remember the exact conversation, but Daniel chimed in on Kim's obsession with the books. He said something along the lines that prior to a "make out" session he offered to go stick his johnson in the freezer for her.

No spin zone
I think he actually said something more like he offered to stand in front of the freezer for her, but with our group I think it's understandable how that quickly degraded.

Either way...due to the extreme laughter I didn't hear if Kim took him up on the offer or not. But I did see this a few months ago. Keep it in mind if you are looking for a holiday gift for your significant other.

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ShrineDawg said...

My god...wifey and all the women in my office LOVE that whole damn series. A bit too much.