Monday, October 26, 2009

Starkville Hotels

Heard some interesting stories this weekend about hotel rooms people were staying in. Unfortunately, Starkville only seems to have a few decent hotels and those are close to impossible to get on football weekends. The rest of us get to see some entertaining stuff.

Stefanie and I had the pleasure of staying at Univ. Inn right outside of campus. We checked in and made our way to the back of the hotel to our room. This was my first time staying there, but had set my expectations low based on what James told me about Luke's room last year. I quickly found out that the description was not exaggerated. The light switch didn't exist, some of the lights didn't work, the deadbolt didn't seem to work, and the door didn't lock in the shutmost position (i.e., you could push on it and it would open up some). The toilet paper was low grade, and the roll I had the pleasure of dealing with was adhering to itself in such a way that you couldn't get it to unroll without the opened biscuit can effect. Between the insecure door and the group of dudes chilling in the parking lot I called the front desk (from my cell phone), and asked if they could give me another room (like one in the main building as I was told I had when I made my reservation). To their credit, they did let me move to another room. It was in the 500 building facing the inside parking lot. Here are some pictures from my phone that don't really do the place justice (blogger isn't letting me add more than what's below right now, but it's enough).

Not sure what all this extra stuff on the beds was. The sheets/comforter look to be a little old. The only thing separating you from the mattress was a thin fitted sheet. We cannibalized the sheets from both beds to try to build up a buffer to sleep on. The sheets had various stains on them so I'm not sure we were really protecting ourselves.

I didn't bother trying to use the phone.

I didn't test the tv to see if it was operational.

This was kind of interesting. Guess it was some kind of fancy-pants shower back in the day.

Since folks were comparing the color of the water in their rooms we decided to play it safe and brought in bottled water for tooth brushing. We left our luggage in the car to keep it clean, and ended up just sleeping in the clothes we wore to the game. There were two bath towels in the room, but no other towels. Stefanie didn't trust the shower or the towels that did exist. We hopped our dirty selves in the car bright and early and got the hell out of there. The people I talked to at the desk were friendly, but I hope I don't find myself having to stay there again.

My wife adds that the first room smelled like pee, and the second room did to a lesser extent. I don't remember that, but I could have been delirious from all the driving I did this weekend.

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