Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad Dawgs

One of the many joys of my college life was checking out the Bad Dawgs section of The Reflector.  I can remember some proud moments when fraternity brothers bragged about their drunken conquests being documented, and I can remember reading some of the more lame incidents as well.  I believe one of the more memorable incidents was a report of someone falling because of uneven pavement.

Here are a couple I wanted to share from today's edition of Bad Dawgs:
7:35 p.m. An employee reported seeing a bow and arrows on the back floorboard of a vehicle at the Hunter Henry Center. It was determined the vehicle was not on Mississippi State University campus.

Why is some nosey employee looking in the back of vehicles on the floorboard.  And better yet why is that employee trying to snitch?  Maybe they should watch some of those prison shows so they can see what happens to snitches.
1:31 a.m. A student was reported to have fallen off of a bicycle on Stone Boulevard.

Did it happen or not?  And regardless, was it that slow of a news day that this was the only thing worthy of documenting?

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