Sunday, October 26, 2008

May I Borrow Your Paper?

Background:  From my backyard I have a view of another neighborhood.  Often times while outside I get to hear the joys of one of the residents of that neighborhood yelling at his kids and/or his dogs.  The dude is probably about 325-350 lbs and just about as wide as he is tall.  I don't think he's necessarily violent with the kids (don't think he could catch them if he tried)...he just likes to raise his voice a lot.

So this morning I'm out in my backyard putting up my sprinkler and water hose.  The fat dude and his two kids are outside as well.  It looks like he is working on a deer feeder as it is sitting in the driveway and slightly disassembled, but at the current moment he appears to be looking at a newspaper on the tailgate of his truck.  The older kid is standing by his dad waiting for orders.  The younger kid is running around in the yard whining about something.  The dad yells at the younger kid to stop whining.

Now, I see the fat dude putting the paper back in the plastic sleeve in which it was delivered.  He then hands it to the older kid who starts walking down the street.  The dad tells him to run so the kid starts jogging.  The kid jogs down to a house about 2 doors down and is about to put the paper in the driveway when the dad yells, "...not under the car!!"  So the kid drops the paper behind the car and then makes a mad dash back to his house.

Uh...WTF??  I'll mind my business as maybe they have some sort of agreement with the neighbors or something.  What kind of crap is that if there is no deal in place.  He's teaching his kids to steal newspapers?

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